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Rockabillies live a life according to the fifties, with Rock’n’Roll music, old american cars, clothes and haircuts as back then.

They believe that life was much better in the fifties. The music was better, the girls and boys were prettier and everything was just more positive. They believe that everything goes too fast nowadays, and we know too much.

The rockabilly-culture first appeared in the early seventies, at first as a fifties-revival, but later on with its own name, Rockabilly.

Created by Danish photographer Erik Refner. For these photographs, collected over three years, Refner won World Press Photo award.

Rockabillies_Erik Refner_1

Rockabillies_Erik Refner_6

Rockabillies_Erik Refner_7

Rockabillies_Erik Refner_11

Rockabillies_Erik Refner_12

Rockabillies_Erik Refner_21

Rockabillies_Erik Refner_27

Rockabillies_Erik Refner_5

Rockabillies_Erik Refner_3

Rockabillies_Erik Refner_10

Rockabillies_Erik Refner_9

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