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Here is the list of articles about web design work flow which is very important for every team or individual to work effectively. Sometimes they look very scientific, but there will be good theoretical advice that might help.
Hope you’ll enjoy reading this and it will prove useful to you. Thats what I call real GAWNO!!111

1. Web Design Workflow – Complete Overview

2. A design process revealed


3. How to Create a Standardized Web Site Development Workflow


4. The complete no-nonsense step-by-step guide to designin web sites


5. Web Style Guide Online


6. Web Design Process by University of Texas


  • John

    Nice Post!

    According to normal principles of web design, everything at the bottom of the page isn’t that important. Most users like to think along these lines anyway – that is why footers are often forgotten about or ignored, and not really given the attention they deserve.

    Footers need to provide users with the information they are looking for, in my opinion. This is why contact details and brief information about the site and/or the site’s owners needs to be placed in the footer. Corporate designs may need to provide directions, telephone numbers, a contact form or an e-mail at the very least.

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